Nissan Reishi Product Authentication

As an authorized importer and distributor of Nissan Reishi products manufactured by Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Japan), we are currently unaware of any counterfeit Nissan Reishi products in the marketplace.

However, if you are concerned, there are a few ways to determine authenticity of a Nissan Reishi product.

Front Panel
A “Nippon Reishi Association” holographic sticker is visible on the front panel of the Nissan Reishi box.


Back Panel
A Canited green redemption voucher label is affixed on the back panel of the Nissan Reishi box.


Each green redemption voucher also has a unique serial identification number along with other special counterfeit prevention features.


If you have any questions on verifying your Nissan Reishi product, please call our toll free number at 1-888-806-2233 (North America) or e-mail us at

Please provide us with the following information as it would assist us in determining the authenticity of your Nissan Reishi product:

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